Move-In Cleaning

Very few moments in life are more a mix of excitement and stress than moving into a new home. When it comes to new homeowners, renters, or real estate agents who need to get a home move-in ready quickly, there is one local professional cleaning service here to help!

Queen Clean is an experienced and trusted cleaning service specializing in move-in services for all types of spaces. From residential to commercial and beyond, the expert crews at Queen Clean get the job done when you need it and at a standard that is sure to impress.


With move-in and move-out specials for either first time or repeat customers, Queen Clean is also a great value for those in need of a quick clean to get a home or office space move-in ready.


The super-powered service and simple scheduling of Queen Clean make our team of professional home or office cleaners the right choice for your move-in cleaning needs. A long list of happy customers proves that leaning on the experts at Queen Clean is the right choice.


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Thorough Move-In Cleaning is Hard Work

Let Queen Clean handle the dirty work of blasting through whatever was left as others have vacated a property. The tough spaces that never see the light of day behind appliances and in other nooks or crannies throughout a property can be enough to make anyone shiver.

Typical move-in cleanings include not just vacuuming and mopping floors, but also the deep clean work of wiping down baseboards and scrubbing fixtures. Every single surface in the home or office space—sinks, toilets, showers, tub, countertops, appliances, and more—is involved in a high-quality move-in cleaning service.

This is where the reliable crews of Queen Clean really shine! There is no house or office space too dirty to handle for Queen Clean. More and more customers are coming to appreciate the impeccable job done in getting a home ready for its next residents.

Delivering spotless results is one way that Queen Clean continues to deliver on their satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely pleased with the cleanliness following a move-in cleaning service, simply give us a call and we will be happy to make it right.

Make the Most of Your Limited Time

Don’t waste your time cleaning when it could be better spent elsewhere. Leave the move-in cleaning to the pros who are well equipped and experienced to handle the job. Rather than purchasing cleaning products and cleaning on your way out, use that time to prepare for the new place in other ways.

Real estate agents can focus time and effort on closing the next property when partnering with Queen Clean. Customizable move-in cleaning plans are available for business customers who are regularly in need of high-quality move-in cleaning.

The efficient move-in cleaning services provided by Queen Clean are trusted by many to make moving and preparing new homes less stressful for everyone involved. With everything else on the list, don’t let this one task slip and cause last minute stress.

Quality Move-In Cleaning You Can Trust

Instead, call the professionals at Queen Clean and ensure that the home or office space is ready to go right when you need it. The tall order of move-in cleaning is a tough one to fill for anyone. Let Queen Clean handle it so you can move on to other tasks at hand.

Queen Clean uses industry standard checklists to ensure our move-in cleaning is of the highest quality for all our clients. Call Queen Clean at 406-219-7280 to schedule a move-in cleaning today!